There are potential sources for air contamination in every room in the house.  The concentration of indoor pollutants is significantly higher than outdoor levels.  Rather than provide a safe and healthy haven, your indoor environment can trigger asthma and allergies, negatively impact sleep and productivity, put you at risk of illness, and cause damage to home furnishings.  Although it can be difficult to determine the cause and severity of the problem on your own, Apex Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to help.  Our trained technicians are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to accurately assess indoor air quality, pinpoint concerns, and provide a targeted strategy of improvement for our clients in the Texas Panhandle.

Professional Air Quality Services

Taking proactive measures to improve indoor air quality enhances the comfort, health, enjoyment and value of your home, while also protecting HVAC equipment from excess wear and tear, reduced energy efficiency, and contamination.  Contact Apex Plumbing, Heating & Air at (806) 373-2070 for a free, thirty-minute indoor air quality analysis, and we’ll help you determine the best course of action.  Partnering with Carrier brand, we offer a comprehensive range of whole-home air quality accessories, designed to deliver long-term resolution.  We won’t sell you something you don’t need, but take the time to tailor our recommendations to suit your best interests.  Your satisfaction is our goal, and we earn it with skilled, honest, and conscientious service throughout Amarillo & Plainview, TX.  Let us optimize the air quality in your home or office, and breathe easy!